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Terms and Conditions for The Mystery Sound Competition:

Entries for the mystery Sound competition can only be made via the website www.ruberyradio.com.

Entries must include your name, your email & a contact number along with what you think the mystery sound is. The prize fund starts at £50.00 & increases by £5.00 every day, Monday-Friday until a correct answer is given. The prize is capped at £500.00.If the prize reaches £500 it will not increment any further. At the £500.00 level Rubery Radio will start giving clues to the mystery sound but no further value will be added to the prize fund. By participating in this competition you consent to having your phone call recorded and broadcast on air.

Rubery radio employees, freelancers, &family members are ineligible to take part. Winners will need to provide ID to prove their age and identity.

 If selected to go on air as a result of entering at www.ruberyradio.com

(calls will be made between 1pm & 2pm Monday- Friday) and you provide the correct answer you will win the cash prize that has accumulated at that time.

You must be 18 & over to enter. Rubery Radio reserves the right to close the competition at any time. There will be only one cash winner per mystery sound.

Mystery Sound winners  


Sandra was the Winner of our first Mystery Sound Competition.

Sandra thought The  Mystery Sound was a box of Lego and she was right! Congratulations !